BaliFokus is a NGO focusing in promote and implement appropriate and low-cost decentralized wastewater treatment for small-scale industries and pig/cow farms in Bali and NTB. In coorperation with local goverments and small-scale entrepreneurs/farmers of Denpasar City, Badung regency, Gianyar regency, Bangli regency, Mataram City regency, Sumbawa regency and Bima City (within BORDA partner network). 

Promote and execute SANIMAS, a community managed sanitation program in 6 slums in East Java and Bali, a demonstration project funded by AusAID, administered by the Water and Sanitation Program/the World Bank, executed by BORDA and partner network. 

Vision & Mission 

To become an independent institution with professional management to increase the community capacity, quality of life and the environmental together with other stakeholders in sustainable way. 

  • Develop a solid and independent institution in ideas and programs development and implementation to secure the staff prosperity. 
  • Manage the organization with competent human resources, transparent and accountable mechanism in realization of plans and budgets, as well as manage all resources effectively and efficiently to achieve optimum quality of works. 
  • Improve the quality of life and community capacity, especially the poor, in social, health and economy, through participatory community-based programs. 
  • Improve environmental quality, especially in settlements, through pollution control program for a better environment. 
  • Implement activities and programs in cooperation with donors, governments, private sectors, universities, NGOs, locally, nationally, regionally as well as internationally according to vision and missions of the organization in equal partnership. 
  • Implement activities which ensure the sustainability of the organization and community program wise as well as financially. 

The Values of BaliFokus are: 

  • Gender sensitive 
  • Sustainability 
  • Credibility 
  • Common sense 
  • Transparency and accountability 
  • Development of program activities in a participatory manner 
  • Commitment to an approach that is at once critical, fair and balanced 
  • Consistency in our attention to issues

People Behind

Founding members :

A.A Raka Dalem biologist, ecotourism expert

David Küper environmental consultant

Gede Ngurah Surya Anaya HIV/AIDS activist

Michelle Togasa graphic designer

Yuyun Ismawati environmental activist

Advisor : Yuyun Ismawati

Director : Tri Wahyudi Purnomo

Office & Accounting Manager : Wayan Teddy Brahmancha

Environment Sanitation Program Manager : Dewa Alit Setiarsa

Toxic Program Manager : I Gde Armyn Gita

Office & Accounting Supervisor : Ketut Sri Artini

Technical Program Officers :

Christophorus N. Y. L.

Made Dwi Ari Antara

Social Program Officers :


Arief Priyadi

Toxic Program Officers :

Andita Primanti

Krishna Bayumurti M. Zaki

Noor Jehan

Cashier : Adi Wayan Martini

IT/KM Officer : Putu Sinda Asmadi

Office Supports :

Nengah Darma

Ni Ketut Sulatri


Featured Videos

Warta Bali – Diskusi bahaya timbal (Pb) dalam cat

Warta Bali – Liputan Forum Stakeholder BLH Bali (courtesy: TVRI Bali)